HDX-INTRO HCL Digital Experience Introduction

Course: HDX-INTRO HCL Digital Experience Introduction


  • This course gives you an introduction to HCL Digital Experience (DX).
  • If you are new to HCL Digital Experience or are coming from older versions, you should start with this introduction training.
  • This introduction course is mandatory for any follow up DX enablement for business users, developers and administrators available on HCLSoftware U.
  • You need to watch all lesson videos until the end to get your lessons completed.


  • This course helps you understand why, what for and how you can use HCL Digital Experience as the trusted digital experience platform for your business-critical experiences.
  • It also introduces you to our sandbox environment on HCL SoFy, where you can deploy HCL Digital Experience and start using it as a business user (and later with other roles as well).

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Herbert Hilhorst
HCL Technical Advisor