HCLSoftware Certified Beginner - HWA 10.1
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HCL Workload Automation 10.1
Exam Fee
Language: English
This certification is for HWA beginners who understand the Basic architecture, and functioning of the Monitoring, Designing and Scheduling components of the Product.
Who should take this exam?
This entry level exam is for the individuals who have the following:
  • This certification exam is for the beginners who are operating the product using the different interfaces for its Monitoring, Designing and Scheduling functions.
  • Keys topics to be covered by beginners are-
    • Basic Product Architecture
    • Scheduling Objects
    • Working with Dynamic Workload Console
    • Monitoring Interfaces/features
    • Modelling Interface/features
    • Planning
    • Reporting
    • Security
How do I earn this certification?
  • To earn this certification, you must pass the exam HCL Software Certified Beginner- HWA 10.1 (HCL-HWA-BGN-101).
  • Details about the exam format, scoring and exam preparation content can be found in the exam guide. Download the exam guide from below link.
Download exam guide
What skills are measured in this certification?
HCL Software Certified Beginner- HWA 10.1 certification checks the basic understanding and operational skills to work on the below areas of the product –
  • HWA Overview
  • Installing HWA
  • DWC
  • Scheduling Objects
  • Monitoring
  • Designer
  • Dependencies
  • Events
  • User Interface/Version/Job Action
  • Production Cycle
  • Workload Service Assurance
  • Reports
  • Security
  • Running from Mobile Device
How do I prepare for the exam?
  • It is recommended to complete the HWA Beginner Learning Journey training available on HCLSoftware U. Access the training course using the below link.
    HWA Beginner Learning Journey
  • Additional exam preparation resources are available in the exam guide. Access the exam guide from this link Download the exam guide
Exam at a glance

  • Level: Beginner/Foundation
  • Time duration for answering the 50 questions:50 minutes
  • Total exam time duration: 60 minutes
  • Total Score: 90
  • Passing Score: 63
  • Passing Percentage: 70%
  • Format: 50 questions provided in multiple choice or multiple response
  • Cost: $150 USD
  • Unanswered questions are scored as incorrect. There is no negative marking.
  • Delivery Method: Pearson VUE testing center or online proctored exam.
  • Available Language: English